ePartner Consulting Ltd

We provide consultancy and support for Data Capture and Business Process Management solutions. We monitor and instigate market developments and technological advances to assure you of the best help and assistance with you data capture or forms processing solutions whether it be for credit application forms, surveys, timesheets, inspection forms, clinical trials, order forms, questionnaires, satisfaction forms, application forms, expense claim forms, incident reports, psychometric tests etc…

Our experience means we can plan, develop and implement the most appropriate and efficient solutions for you. Our expertise lies in discovering your requirements by getting to know your business, examining your operations and drawing on the skills we have gained from working across many business sectors.

Our product portfolio includes TeleForm, LiquidOffice, eStore, Process Director, eForms, ZetaFax and many other bespoke data capture solutions.

For technical support requests please contact 0844 567 2000 or support@epc.co.uk